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Shipping & Returns

Customers are expected to do their due diligence in determining what their system needs if they do not message our customer service team before a purchase is made. We are able to provide assistance with getting the customer recommendations based on their system compatibility. Please note, we cannot be held liable if the customer purchases incorrectly.

The default first class economy shipping method includes postage costs as well as handling fees and is free for domestic. Most packages will go out standard USPS first class with delivery confirmation. Orders over $300 will get a free upgrade to priority shipping. First-class orders can be expected to arrive within 3-6 business days after shipping as well as almost all priority orders arriving within 2-4 business days after shipping depending on locale. If there are any concerns about shipping delays or meeting deadlines it is important the buyer first contacts our customer service team to confirm shipping dates and times.

If a domestic package has not shown updates for three weeks based upon delivery confirmation or tracking information provided by the carrier, we will reship the item for free as a courtesy. If the original item does arrive we are able to provide assistance in returning the package back to us, all honesty is greatly appreciated. If an international package does not receive an update for six weeks, we ask that the buyer contact us immediately for further assistance as there may be a hold on the item in customs. If a package has activity based upon the delivery confirmation or tracking information, we ask that you wait up to 4 weeks before the item is reshipped. After those four weeks have passed, we will reship the item for free as a courtesy. Although we understand the time sensitive nature of the average purchase, these wait times are necessary to fulfill insurance requirements.

It is extremely important that the buyer agrees to these terms before placing an order. If a potential buyer would like an item to be reshipped sooner than when the item is returned we have the ability to rebill or invoice the customer and then issue a refund for the original order once the original item is returned back to us.

Please understand, if a package is lost or delayed by the courier it is beyond our control to influence the package thereafter. If this does occur we do not have a problem working with the customer to resolve the transaction. However, please note that all international customers are responsible for any custom fees and taxes that may cause delays.

If a customer orders incorrect memory and would like to return for a refund or exchange they are responsible for return shipping. As a seller, we have the right to charge a 15% restocking fee on returns to cover shipping expenses and fees, although this right is rarely exercised. If a customer attempts to make demands outside of our terms and conditions, or attempts to force a desired outcome by threat of cases or feedback, they will be held accountable.

Use of a freight forwarder is strictly prohibited and repercussions resulting from this are at the expense of the buyer. If a freight forwarder has been used, there is an issue with the order, and an item is marked as delivered, A-Tech components no longer has an obligation to this product nor to the third party customer that used the freight forwarding service as they are not the intended receiver strictly by address. For these cases the third party buyer will need to contact their freight forwarder to resolve any and all issues.

If an order is shipped to to a hotel and it is delivered in the estimated window, we are not responsible if the buyer does not receive it. Once the package arrives it is the responsibility of the buyer to communicate to the staff about the delivery. If the buyer wishes to return the item, they will need to contact the hotel for return shipping.

We do our best to respond to messages within one business day.

By purchasing from us it is agreed upon by the customer they acknowledge and accept the above terms.